Data Protection & Privacy Training

We offer interactive training courses to raise awareness of data protection & privacy amongst employees & management.
Our content rich courses provide an interactive training environment to each employee, giving them the time and space to complete their assigned training.

Developed using advanced psycholinguistics & illustrative graphics that helps engagement & recall

5-star rating for delivery, audio and video quality

Includes video and assessments

Course content can be reviewed for 12 months

POPIA Awareness Courses

POPIA Senior-Management Awareness Course

POPIA Employee Awareness Course

Cybersecurity Awareness Courses

Cybersecurity for Management and IT Teams

Cybersecurity Employee Awareness Course

Data protection and privacy compliance needn’t be complicated

Data is the lifeblood of our global economy. The protection of personal data is critical, we firmly believe that individuals own their information. We want to demystify privacy and data protection and enable organisations to manage affordable data protection programmes, making these a part of their DNA.